Fall Wedding Experience

Fall is approaching, which means beautiful Fall weddings. If your wedding is this Fall, I know you have most of your plans and decorations already sorted out, but this can also be for the bride who is planning her Fall 2016 wedding. So here are a few trends that can be very helpful for your Fall Wedding Experience. 

Colors: Think of the scenery the Fall brings with it; the turning of the leaves and the crisp air, the flowers that bloom and wilt, but most of all its color. Mustard Yellows, Burnt Oranges, Deep and Light Greens, and Browns. These colors can be placed with save-the-date cards, thank you notes, place holders, floral arrangements, bridesmaid gowns, etc.


Fabrics: As the weather becomes warmer, so should our fabrics. Of course cotton is always a must for any season, but we also have wool, cashmere, (faux) feathers, (faux) leather/pleather, and (faux) fur to think about. Gloves are always a nice accent to a bridal gown. It can also be a substitute for a jacket or shawl.


Styles: Last, but not least, we have styles. This pertains to the style of your wedding, venue, or bridal gown. There are lots of different wedding styles a bride can choose, but for a Fall wedding there are few specific ideas associated with the season that we can’t help not to ignore. Try any Fall Glam wedding styles to create your very own Cinderella moment.


Fall Wedding Experience